Information technologies

Software development

Database analyst

Database specialist

Datamining analyst

Graphik designer - web designer

IT expert

Computer programmer

Programmer analyst

Software developer


Manager of the development team

Web developer

Web designer

Web master

Programmer of industrial robots

Systems managment

Database administrator

IT operator

Administrator of applicatons SW

Administrator of IS

Administrator of operating systems

Web administrator

System administrator

System engineer

Technical positions

Quality analyst

HW specialist

IT engineer

IT technical specialist

IT technical expert - service/reparations

IT technical expert - technical support

IT/IS operator

Projects and consultations

HW system architect

IS Architect

Business Intelligence analyst

Business Intelligence consultant

Business Intelligence manager

IS/IT analyst

IS/IT consultant

DB systemes consultant

Operational systems consultant

Lector, instructor - IT

Product manager - IT

Project manager - IT

SAP consultant

Technical writer - IT

IT security specialist

Business and managment

Account manager


Business development manager

Call centrum operator

Key account manager

IS manager

Marketing manager

Businesss analyst

Business manager

Business director

Business representative

Sale support staff


IT Director